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Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Courage Kinks and Curves uses a third party company to print and ship its items. Since all items are printed after orders have been placed, we are unable to offer returns and/or exchanges for items that do not contain defects or errors. Be sure that you make the proper selection before buying.

Courage Kinks and Curves accepts returns only for products that contain defects and/or errors. In the event you need to return a defective item, please contact us at email@couragekinksandcurves.com within 30 days of your purchase. We reserve the right to deny returns without the required communication from the customer and/or after 30 days has passed since the date of purchase.

A refund or replacement will be honored for products with defects and/or errors. Please be aware that as the buyer, you are responsible for the return shipping of the product(s). Please use a tracking service when returning items, as we are not responsible for items lost in the mail.


Standard shipping for orders in the United States takes between 3-8 business days. Standard shipping for orders to Canada takes 5-10 business days without tracking.

Standard shipping for orders worldwide takes 10-20 business days without tracking.

Some products are packaged and shipped separately, thus, each item shipped may have different delivery times. Therefore, different shipping prices will be added for all products sent. For example, you can order a t-shirt with a flat-rate shipping price of $5.00. Each additional t-shirt adds $0.75 for shipping. If you add a tote to the order, it will cost an additional $0.75. However, if you choose to add another product like a mug (that requires different packaging), then you’ll be charged for the full shipping price for the mug, which is an additional $6.95.